Across America and around the world, the technology-charged New Economy – sometimes called the Sharing Economy or Gig Economy – is upending traditional models of commerce and work.   


From short-term rentals to ride-hailing apps to platform-powered personal shoppers, tens of millions of people are working, shopping, and traveling in fundamentally new ways – and it’s only the beginning.


As long-established industries and businesses work to adapt, survive and hopefully thrive in the Sharing Technology Economy, so too must local and state government. In city halls and state capitols everywhere, new regulations are being developed to encourage Sharing Technology Economy innovation while maximizing public benefit.


At that nexus, Smart City Policy Group works closely with both corporate and community leaders to collaborate on the development and implementation of regulatory rules, compliance strategies, and tax and fee systems that deliver the broadest benefit to all stakeholders.


Offering years of experience navigating the challenges and opportunities of the New Technology Economy in both the public and private sector, our savvy and seasoned team delivers an unrivalled depth and breadth of expertise.  We've already been down the road ahead, and we'd be happy to give you directions.


When New Economy platforms collide with regulatory systems, you gotta call Matt Curtis.


A former right hand to a couple of Austin mayors, Matt has decades of experience working on municipal initiatives and best practices in a rapidly-changing city.  

Most recently, Matt served ​​as Head Director of Global Affairs and Public Policy for HomeAway and Expedia where he collaborated with government officials and community leaders around the world to create best practices and broadly beneficial regulatory and compliance policies for short-term rentals.

Matt has served on the United States Conference of Mayors Business Council, the National League of Cities Corporate Council, the Sharing Economy Advisory Network, and the Travel Technology Association board. He currently serves on the Vacation Rental Management Association board.   


Matt also is a trained facilitator with 15 years of experience helping to connect and resolve potentially conflicting interests.

 Smart City Policy Group is the culmination of Matt's experience, skills and passion.   




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